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Below you can find a links of our favourite / most informative sites:

  Inspiring cyclotouring websites


An excellent site covering a couple's journey by bicycle from Liverpool to Australia. (These guys are our heros!)



GeoCycling.com is a non-profit organization who's goal is to inspire people to travel by bicycle and inform those who already are.



Edward Genochio is going through the world rather than around it. He made it to Shangai and is now on his way back to England. His newsletters are particularly funny if you subscribe to them.



Nicolai is about to start a 2 years travel, which will involve 4 continents and more than 30.000 km through more than 30 countries. "A similar Danish expedition hasn't been done before... " he says!


  More ideas for cyclotouring destinations

  Russian Cycle Touring Club  

The Russian Cyclotouring Club (RCT). They organise cycling trips across Russia (you could have guessed it!) but their president Vladimir Philippov is also our entry card into the country (see our section about Russian visa).


  MTB Brecon Beacons  

A good selection and suggestion of routes in the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains region of South Wales


  All you need to get ready for the big (or small) trip

  St Johns St Cycles / Thorn  

An online stoker showing the range of Thorn bikes including their full range of Rohloff equipped bikes



Our preferred source for cycling related online purchases. Absolutely hassle free, no questions asked guarantee of satisfaction. Normally next day delivery and no delivery charge (free delivery option must be selected)


  World Nomads insurance   Most essential: a travel insurance. So far, nothing to report as we have not used it, but there are good reports on the ThornTree forum.  
  All you need for bicycle maintenance

  Sheldon Brown Bicycle Pages  

An great resource for all sorts of bicycle maintenance and building related information


  Cycling Plus Forum  

A good forum covering many cycling issues and a huge back catalogue of subject matter


  All you need to answer your travelling questions

  The Thorn Tree (Lonely Planet online forum)  

The Lonely Planet forum has been an invaluable help in trying to make sense of all the malaria medication available. It has hips of information on travelling into any countries too.

There is a section specific to cyclo-touring.

  Cycling Plus again  
This link takes you to the section specific to cyclotouring tours and expeditions
  And some more sites we enjoy looking at


There is no excuse for not knowing what that feathered friend in the garden is called - to quote the site "Aren't Birds Brilliant!" - PS: on top of being a bike nurde, Terry is a bit of a twitcher too!|


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