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Country Details - Each country includes details of cyclotouring issues, travelogue, visa problems, camping, food and drink and other subjects - please choose a country for further details:

  • England - Worcester, Bristol, London to Harwich
  • Netherlands - Hook of Holland, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groesboek to Velden
  • Germany - Koln, South on the Rhine to Koblenz, East on the Main to Bamberg
  • Czech Republic - Cheb, Mariansky-Tynec, Prague to Zlin
  • Slovak Republic - High Tatras
  • Poland - Tatras to Krakow, Wistula River to Kazimierz Dolny and Mazurian Lakes
  • Lithuania - Kaunas towards Riga
  • Latvia - Riga up towards Estonia
  • Estonia - The coast route via Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Tallinn and to the Russian border
  • Russia - Ivangorod to Vologda, Vologda to Moscow and Buryat Republic to Mongolia
  • Mongolia - Russia to Ulan Batoor, Mansihr Kid and Terelj national parks
  • China - Beijing to Pingyao, Pingyao to Chongqing, Chongqing to Hong Kong
  • New Zealand - North Island and South Island
  • Australia - Brisbane to Sydney via New England Tablelands

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Smaller Trips

Southern Ireland - Rosslare to Killarney via County Clare
South Wales - Bristol to Fishguard and the Pembrokeshire Coast
Across France - Arles to Caen via the Massif Central
The Big Trip - Cyclotouring World Trip - England to New Zealand vis Russia and China
Exmoor Weekend - Preparing for the big trip
Colmars-les-Alpes - La Chapelle-en-Valgaudemar - Parc des Ecrins
North Wales Weekend - A cycle tour around the Southern fringes of Snowdonia
Normandy - A tour around the Contentin Peninsula
Provence to Parc Des Ecrins - A 6 day route from Colmars-les Alpes to Parc des Ecrins
Tour De Vaucluse
- A 5 day loop around this fascinating region of Provence and Mount Ventoux
Brittany to Provence - A 2 week journey through Brittany, Loire Valley, Auvergne and Provence
Wye Valley - Our first foray into cyclo-touring around Worcestershire and Herefordshire

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