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This section covers our biggest and longest cycle tour. The trip evolved from an idea to go travelling - and combined with our interest in cycle touring, an irresistible idea for an adventure began to take shape. The outline planning began in September 2004 and was targeted towards a leaving date of 16th April 2005. The journey took us 14 months, leaving from Worcester in England and finishing in Australia after plenty of adventures, strange food and tired legs.

From Worcester, England we cycled: 18,002 km, 70 km/day and a sometimes painful 1127 hours in the saddle.

On our big trip we visited the following countries (select each link for details): England, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia (CIS), Mongolia, China, New Zealand and Australia

  Charity Fundraising  

We now have an online sponsorship page for Wateraid. Please click HERE


Worcestershire Association for the Blind


The trip was envisaged as a sabbatical for the two of us. There have been so many people asking us which charity we were doing it for that, after much thought, we have decided to raise some money for two charities that are closed to our hearts.

Isabelle is a volunteer for Worcester Association for the Blind, a charity that provides support and facilities to blind and partially sighted people throughout the county. As a volunteer, she visits blind people, such as Roy, and has also helped some partially sighted people to keep on with their running practice. More often than not, the visits to Roy ended in the local pub sharing a pint. What a hardship volunteering is!

We are also both employed within the Water industry in the UK. The water industry has always had very strong connections with Wateraid. Wateraid is a large charitable organization campaigning and providing safe drinking water and sanitation to third world and developing countries.

You can place your charity donation on line at Just Giving. This is a secure way to use your credit or debit card and make a difference to those who are less fortunate than most. If you pay tax in the UK, Just Giving will reclaim 28% Gift Aid on your donation and the money will be paid directly into the charity's bank account.
The taxman gives back 28%!, , all safe and secure


Charity Sponsorship


Our official sponsors and charitable benefactors for worthwhile causes, the following have all made generous donations to the charities above, a big thank you goes to:







A big thank you to all our friends, families, neighbours and colleagues who have already given so generously!

If you feel too that these two charities are worth supporting (all the money raised will go to charity), we will be collecting money until after our return, so your donations are still very welcome. Please send them in the name of I. Michel to Terry McCarthy, the Old Salt Box, Swineford, Bath, BS30 6LN or alternatively sponsor us on line on the Wateraid website (in this case all the money goes to Wateraid).

If you fancy sponsoring us as a business, we will be more than happy to advertise your name across the continents, and of course on our fabulous website!



The map below indicates our route from the UK to Australia.


For more information or questions please contact us at info@cyclotouring.co.uk