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Please find below a selection of graphs relating to the statistics of our trip from Worcester to New Zealand. If you have a request for a graph and we have the information please let us know and we shall endeavour to include it on this page.

Page last updated: 26/04/06

Links to Graphs: Where We Slept, Spending, Km V Height



This shows where we slept during our trip. As can be seen camping takes up the majority of the nights. As we have travelled through China the long nights, cheap hotels and difficulty of finding good campsites means that the hotel total is catching up.




This shows how our spending profile breaks down for the trip. Surprisingly Food and accommodation do not even make it to 50% of the spending - it really is amazing where it all goes.



This graph shows the comparitive distances (km) against the altitude climbed (/10). We thought our legs were tired after cycling through the Czech republic and this was certainly justified by the figures. Slovakia was harder work than the figures suggest - one day was virtually downhill all day.

The North Island of New Zealand turned out to be 17% hillier than the South Island, but our route through Australia turned out to be 11% hillier than the North Island

  More graphs to follow - if you have any suggestions let us know and we shall see if a suitable graph can be generated and/or invented!  

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