Isaetterry - Trip Statistics          
    Cycling Summary     Last Updated - Sydney 30/05/06  
    Days Since Departure 406   days      
    Days Cycling 256   days      
    Kms Cycled 17990   Km 12.0 Times Lands End to John O Groats  
    Height Gained (note 1) 137437   m 15.5 Times Sea Level to the top of Mount Everest  
    Hours moving in the saddle 1125   hours 46.9 Days constantly cycling  
    Average Speed (note 2) 16.0   km/hr      
    km/day 44.3   km      
    km/cycling day 70.3   km      
    height/cycling day 537   m      
    Furthest in a day 137   km Latvia/Estonia  
    Most Climbing in a Day 1464   m Taupeupe Saddle, New Zealand  
    Highest Altitude 2638   m Wutai Shan, China  
    Highest Av Speed 28   km/hr To Christchurch, downhill with a following wind  
    Highest Cycling Temp (note 2) 32   deg C Czech Republic in late May  
    Lowest Cycling Temp (note 2) -1   deg C Jianamen Road, Sichuan, China  
    Cycling more than 100 Km 26   Days      
    Climbing more than 1000 m 29   Days      
    Cycling 100 Km and Climbing 1000 m 3   Days      
    Spending Summary            
    Total Spending Since Departure 16,768          
    Flights and Big Train Journies 3,740          
    Spending on food/drink/eat 5,476     13.49 per day  
    Spending on Accommodation 3,486     8.59 per day  
    Spending on Beer (Terry) 849     2.09 per day  
            0.05 per km  
    Note 1: Based upon barometric pressure, so actual measurements may not be entirely accurate  
    Note 2: Average speed when the bike is moving, including pushing, visiting, markets, looking for campsites etc  
    Note 3: This is max temp during the day (normally about 2pm, starting temps were as low as -2 degrees C)